Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions about Tuition / Finances:

Q: How much is tuition at ACA?
A: As of the 2012-13 school year, tuition is $175 per month, for nine (9) months of the year. The amount is subject to change.
Q: What is the total price per year for a student to attend?
A: As of the 2012-13 school year, the total price per school year for a new student is $1,865. Subtract $25 if a new student takes their diagnostic test on computer instead of the printed version. Total price per school year for a returning student is $1,840. The various items covered in the total are: Tuition is $175 per month. Annual PACE fee is $200 for each student’s workbooks (called PACEs). If a student consumes more than 60 PACEs in a given school year, there may be additional charges beyond the base fee. Diagnostic test fee (for first time students, if using the printed test) is $25. Annual registration fee is $35. Annual SAT fee is $30. Feel free to contact us directly for more details. Click the “Contact” link in the main menu (above) for contact information.
Q: Is there a sibling discount on tuition (multiple students from same family)?
A: Yes, there is a sibling discount. The first sibling’s tuition is the full amount. The tuition for each additional sibling is calculated at 90% (10% discount).