About ACA

ACA Eagles Mascot LogoApostolic Christian Academy (K-12) is a Christian school that is a ministry of Christian Apostolic Church. The school is operated by and for CAC members. (If space allows, ACA also permits students from other Oneness, Pentecostal churches to apply for enrollment.) The academy is registered with the State of West Virginia. ACA uses the School of Tomorrow curriculum from Accelerated Christian Education. ACA also utilizes Accelerated Christian Education’s LCA program (a cooperative dual-enrollment plan), which means that our ACA-LCA graduates obtain a diploma that has full accreditation with the Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). These accrediting agencies are widely recognized by educators worldwide and accepted as leaders in advancing quality school improvement.

ACA not only provides instruction in godliness with a biblical worldview integrated in all subjects of study, but also maintains a high level of excellence in academics. ACA is recognized as a Quality Status school by Accelerated Christian Education. We test all students annually with the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT).

ACE‘s diagnostic testing method helps us properly place incoming students at just the right spot in the curriculum, and ACE’s individualized PACE method allows each of our students to progress at his or her own rate of learning, with one-on-one attention provided as needed. Each child thus benefits from a program custom tailored and appropriately suited to his or her individual strengths and abilities.

Our students receive a well-rounded education including instruction in the arts (including music, drawing, painting, and pottery, etc.), foreign languages, computer applications/ information technology, and much more. Through ACE’s partnership with Rosetta Stone, ACA makes available to its students (and their families) the most cutting-edge foreign language courses in existence. Computers are an integral part of ACA, both for instruction and testing, as well as fun and educational games. All students become proficient in keyboarding and use of common applications. Instruction in information technology is also available for students interested in learning about databases, scripting languages, and computer programming. Students can learn basic, intermediate, and advanced concepts in programming, multimedia, database methods, and server-client scripting.

Hundreds of universities and colleges have accepted graduates of Christian schools like ours that use the School of Tomorrow curriculum from Accelerated Christian Education. For a full list of colleges and universities that have accepted graduates from schools using the ACE-based curriculum, contact us. By the way, West Virginia University and Fairmont State University are on the list, and (thanks to ACA and its first graduate) now Marshall University is, too.