Pics: ACA’s Field Trip to the National Aviary in Pittsburgh


Below are four sets of pics from Jenni C, Becky R, Adam B, Brandy B.

Set from Jenni C:

Set from Becky R:

Set from Adam B:

ACA First School Day of 2015 is Tomorrow (Mon, Jan 5)


Here are a couple of ACA’s super-sharp students, while at church at CAC!

ACA Thanksgiving Feast by Home Economics students

2014-11-21 ACA Thanksgiving Feast by Home Economics students, Eric Riley, Kieran Joseph, Alanna Claypool, and Adena Joseph

2014-11-21 – ACA’s Home Economics students fixed a Thanksgiving Feast for the whole school, with help and supervision from ACA parent/teacher Rebecca Riley.The food was outstanding! Great job!

ACA students using 3D modeling for fun; making art

Today we combined Art class and Computer Science class into one. The students used SketchUp (a 3D modeling program) to create a snowman/winter scene. Great job! Congratulations to all the students! One student, Kieran, took it a step further (see image above), doing extra credit work after school to detail his scene even further, resulting in this exported 2D image tweaked for Christmas.

ACA 2012 Video (w/ CAC Grads)

Students, staff, parents, volunteers, and friends of ACA/CAC: turn up your speakers and grab the kleenex! We were going to show this last night during the graduation/award ceremonies, but the software refused to render it. We finally learned that we had to place the media files onto the virtual machine’s drive with the software. (Now we know…)

Graduation and Awards Ceremony Tonight

We’re so excited about our ACA Graduation & Awards Ceremony tonight at 7:00, to be held at Christian Apostolic Church, Clarksburg, WV. See you there! Congratulations to Natoshia Ramsey on receiving her diploma!

ACA 2012 Spring Formal PHOTO BOOKS have arrived!

To all who ordered, your books are now here! We’ll have them for you tonight at the Graduation / Awards Ceremony!

ACA 2012 Spring Formal Photo Books