ACA First Annual 2015 CHILI COOK-OFF!

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Starts immediately after Sunday School, Sunday, November 8, 2015 (around Noon). Proceeds to Apostolic Christian Academy.
At Christian Apostolic Church, 334 Glen Falls Rd, Clarksburg, WV 26301
CHEFS: The only entry fee is a crock-pot full of your best chili (approximately 5 quarts). Chefs RSVP:
TASTERS: To sample chili entries and vote will be free!
STAY & EAT: $5 will get you a bowl of your favorite chili with all fixin’s, salad, and delicious dessert! Tasters’ RSVP:

Pics: ACA’s Field Trip to the National Aviary in Pittsburgh


Below are four sets of pics from Jenni C, Becky R, Adam B, Brandy B.

Set from Jenni C:

Set from Becky R:

Set from Adam B:

ACA First School Day of 2015 is Tomorrow (Mon, Jan 5)


Here are a couple of ACA’s super-sharp students, while at church at CAC!

ACA Thanksgiving Feast by Home Economics students

2014-11-21 ACA Thanksgiving Feast by Home Economics students, Eric Riley, Kieran Joseph, Alanna Claypool, and Adena Joseph

2014-11-21 – ACA’s Home Economics students fixed a Thanksgiving Feast for the whole school, with help and supervision from ACA parent/teacher Rebecca Riley.The food was outstanding! Great job!

ACA students using 3D modeling for fun; making art

Today we combined Art class and Computer Science class into one. The students used SketchUp (a 3D modeling program) to create a snowman/winter scene. Great job! Congratulations to all the students! One student, Kieran, took it a step further (see image above), doing extra credit work after school to detail his scene even further, resulting in this exported 2D image tweaked for Christmas.